Mass Mail Exception Request

Effective November 1st 2009, Campus Mail will only accept up to 300 of the same item within a one month period.  This policy is designed not to reduce campus communications, but rather to streamline it through existing channels, thereby reducing printing costs and paper use.  These channels include:, the University calendar at, ND Works, the Observer, and the list-servs.  We encourage you to utilize these tools and to include links to your department website where you can post PDFs, online forms, and other materials you wish to make available.
This policy will apply to all mailings except those mandated by regulatory compliance or those that receive an exception approval from the Office of Sustainability.  If your mailing is mandated by regulatory compliance, you do not need to fill out this form; simply contact Campus Mail and inform them in advance.  If you feel that your department has a particular communication that is not mandated by regulatory compliance but nevertheless requires individual mailing, please fill out this exception form.  We will respond promptly.