LEV Preferred Parking


In August 2009 the University announced a new preferred parking program for Low Emitting Vehicles (LEVs). Over 50 preferred parking spaces are available in six lots on campus for qualifying low emissions vehicles.  These spaces are marked with special signage and are available to Notre Dame students, staff, faculty members, and graduate students.
How do I know if my vehicle qualifies as low emissions?
Your vehicle qualifies if it is on this list.
How do I get an LEV sticker?
Please send a copy of your vehicle registration and your ND ID card to the Office of Sustainability (100 Brownson Hall) or a digital copy to green@nd.edu.  Please also include the make and model of your vehicle, a return campus address, and your ND ID number if it is not visible on the copy of the ID. Upon receipt and verification of your information, the Office of Sustainability will send you an LEV sticker. Display the decal on the lower corner of the driver’s side front windshield.  Please email green@nd.edu with any questions.
Where are the preferred parking spots located?
Vehicle owners may park in LEV spaces located in their assigned lots. Vehicles must have clearance for a particular parking lot before they can utilize the LEV spaces in that lot. The preferred spots are located at Grotto Lot, Grace Hall Lot, St. Liam Hall, Stepan Lot, Library Lot, Student Lot, Joyce Lot, and Stadium Lot. 
Where do I display my LEV decal?
The decal should be displayed on the lower inside corner of the driver's side front windshield.
Who decides what qualifies as a low emissions vehicle?
The vehicle list is compiled by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.  This list is also utilized by the US Green Building Council to determine qualifying alternative transportation programs for LEED credit.