Notre Dame Procurement Services (buy.nd.edu) provide University departments with information about the quality, price competitiveness, and customer service of various suppliers, as well as any strategic relationships formed for the various commodities.  
In addition to the conventional criteria of price and quality, sustainable procurement incorporates a lifecycle view of total cost including acquisition cost, usage and disposal. Sustainable purchasing must take into account the environmental and social impacts of a purchase along with economic considerations. 

Office Depot Totes Program


The Tote Program is the result of an ongoing partnership between Procurement Services, the Office of Sustainability, and Office Depot. The thousands of cardboard boxes and plastic air pillows made unnecessary by the totes will reduce campus-related carbon dioxide emissions by 53 metric tons annually, the equivalent of 5,500 gallons of gasoline. 

Sustainable Paper Products

Bathroom tissue and paper towels
Notre Dame’s Procurement Services has partnered with Kimberly-Clark Corporation to introduce bathroom tissue and paper towels on campus with significantly higher average recycled content and less packaging waste. Overall, the product changes will result in 543 million BTU of energy savings and 513,000 gallons in water savings annually. That’s the equivalent of over 2,100 days worth of energy for a typical American household and 25 swimming pools worth of water. 
Recycled Paper Pricing
Office Depot instituted a new pricing structure for 30% recycled paper (Green Top) in May 2009. Since then, we have seen purchases of this paper increase from 10% to 80% campus-wide. 
ND Surplus
The Surplus Property Program redistributes and sells surplus items to faculty, staff, and community. NDSurplus also facilitates the recycling of university appliances, and E-Waste including computers, printers and fax machines.

Traveling without the Paper Trail

Business travel and expense reporting is now easier on Notre Dame faculty and staff as well as the environment, thanks to travelND. The old paper-based process of booking flights and submitting travel expenses has been streamlined into an automatic electronic system. Online expense-reporting will save approximately 400,000 sheets of paper per year, the equivalent of 5 tons of wood or 10,000 pounds of carbon emissions. 

Additional Opportunities for Green Purchasing

  • File Folders – Like paper, file folders have recycled content alternatives.
  • Toner – Options include longer-lasting X models and refurbished cartridges.
  • Appliances ENERGY STAR and EPEAT are available options for appliances and computers.
  • Batteries – Rechargeable batteries save money in the long-run and reduce the need for specialized disposal.