1. Get Involved.

Hundreds of ND students are raising awareness and promoting sustainability on campus and off. Find out how you can join them!
Sustainability Commissioners

2. Create a Sustainable Dorm Room

Exchange incandescent light bulbs for CFLs.
Unplug electronics when you’re not using them, or plug them into a power strip and flip it off when you leave your room.
Recycle and encourage your friends to recycle too.
Choose Energy Star appliances and EPEAT computers
Explore the interactive Green Dorm Room

3. Bring your own mug for discounts all over campus!

Check out the list of eateries on campus that give discounts for bringing in your reusable mug when you purchase a cup of coffee.

4. Measure your carbon footprint

Use our carbon footprint calculator to see how you measure up and find ways to reduce your environmental impact.

5. Learn More & Make Your Voice Heard

Take a class, find a sustainability-related research project, or check out our online resources. Consider adding the Minor in Sustainability or the Minor in Energy Studies. Email us and share your ideas!