Hall Staff

Rectors, Assistant Rectors, and RAs have a vital role in creating a more sustainable campus. Below are some resources that can be useful in saving energy, reducing resource use, and improving recycling rates in the residence halls. Please send additional topics that you would like to see addressed here to sustainability@nd.edu.

It Starts with the Freshmen

Help your incoming residents make smart decisions about the products and practices they bring into the dorm. Include the Green Guide for First Year Students with the information you send to freshmen or post on your website the summer before they arrive.

Take a Virtual Tour

Post a link to our interactive Green Dorm Room on your website. Students can explore this virtual room to learn about opportunities to green their own rooms.

Green Your Events

Consult the Green Guide to Event Planning when creating events for your Hall or Section. If you are interested in planning a sustainability-themed event and need ideas, take a look at our list of Program Ideas by Topic and our Program Database.

Zipcar Benefits for Hall Staff

Zipcars are available 24/7 and can be reserved anywhere from an hour to four days. The best part is, annual membership fees are waived for residence hall staff! Join the world’s largest car-sharing program at zipcar.com/notredame. Select “I’d like to join my department’s existing Zipcar account” and choose Resident Advisors.

Mission Integration

If you are interested in finding ways to integrate sustainability into student formation, please consult Sustainability and Catholic Higher Education: A Toolkit for Mission Integration.

Thermostat Woes

We know that the residential heating system isn’t perfect, but many problems can be addressed. Make sure your residents understand how the heaters work in your dorm, what level of control they have in their rooms, and how to report any problems.


Many residents don’t know what can and can’t be recycled. Help spread the word by downloading and printing our recycling poster. To request recycling stickers to place on bins, email us your campus address.