Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Seven charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed on campus. They are located at:

A $25 yearly permit is required to use the charging stations and can be obtained by scanning a copy of your vehicle registration, Notre Dame ID and Notre Dame parking permit and sending to


Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing service. The option of renting a high-efficiency and low-cost Zipcar encourages students on campuses across the country to leave their cars at home during the school year. Zipcars are available 24/7 to all students, faculty, and staff members, ages 18 and older. Gas, 180 miles per day, insurance, reserved parking spots and roadside assistance are included. Cars can be reserved anywhere from an hour to four days. Rates start at $8 per hour and $66 per day (24 hours). Annual membership for ND affiliates is $35 and applicants receive $35 worth of free driving credit applied towards their first month of driving. Annual membership fees are waived for department accounts and residence hall staff. ND students, faculty and staff can join at

Smart Cars

Single Smart Car

Notre Dame purchased four Smart Cars in August 2010. One of the high-efficiency cars will be used by Mail Services to replace a standard sedan, while the other three will be used by the Development offices in Eddy Street Commons. The Smart Car is one of the most economical cars on the U.S. roads today, with an average of 33 mpg for city driving and 41 mpg on the highway. It is classified as an ultra-low emissions vehicle. The Smart Cars will contribute to improving the University Fleet’s average fuel efficiency.

LEV Preferred Parking

In August 2009 the University announced a new preferred parking program for Low Emitting Vehicles (LEVs). Over 50 spaces are available in five lots on campus for qualifying low emitting vehicles. These spaces are marked with special signage and are open to faculty, staff and graduate students.

Why travel when you can WebEx?

OIT provides video and web conferencing to the faculty, staff and students at ND. Conference participants can see each other via webcams, view the same powerpoint presentation on their computers, and even work together on the same documents in real-time. Recent teleconferences have connected those here on campus with colleagues across the globe, from Sweden to Antarctica. Check out the campus facilities and learn more about the Webex program. Fees are modest and vastly cheaper than flying. Best of all, teleconferencing reduces your carbon footprint the carbon emissions you are avoiding can be summed up on the WebEx calculator.

Take the Bus- It’s Free With ID

Transpo Bus

If you have a Notre Dame ID, any TRANSPO bus is free, anytime. So try taking the bus to work, and on your next weekend outing too! Route 7 takes you to Notre Dame; see TRANSPO for all other routes.

Bike to School – and to Work

Biking is great for the environment, your wallet, and your health. There are bike loops in dozens of locations around campus. The Guide to Michiana Bike Routes is a great resource for biking throughout the region. For an interactive map that rates bike lanes by safety, check out the Michiana Bike Map. (Be sure to control click and open in a separate window. You may have to download the file to view the interactive map.)


If you’re going to drive to work, find a co-worker to share a ride with. You can cut your gas bill in half! And follow these simple eco-driving recommendations to improve your mileage by 15%.

Staff / Faculty Shuttle

The Staff / Faculty Shuttle is designed to minimize the need to drive cars around campus. As of summer 2008, the Staff/Faculty Shuttle service has expanded to incorporate more runs between Bulla Road and the Main Building. Morning and afternoon service to/from Mason Services Center will remain. See the route map and schedule for more information.

Hybrids in the Fleet

Notre Dame currently has a total of 11 hybrid vehicles in the university motor pool. Next time you need a car from the motor pool, request a hybrid!