Campus Recycling


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Recycling at Notre Dame:

To recycle at Notre Dame, take your recyclables to the blue toter or gray cart!

  • Find the blue single-stream recycling toter in your building (Dorms, Other Buildings).
  • You are responsible for emptying your desk-side bin used for temporary collection.
  • Place your recyclables in the blue toter, making sure they are loose and free of any plastic bags used for collecting.
  • What materials can be recycled in single-stream recycling at Notre Dame? Use the A-Z directory above for the most current and comprehensive information.  In general:
    • Paper:  clean paper including newsprint, envelopes, copy paper, and magazines
    • Empty Bottles:  plastic, aluminum and glass
    • Empty Cans:  aluminum and steel 
    • Cardboard:  flattened and empty (no wax coating or Styrofoam, please). This will be collected in a designated cardboard recycling cart in your building. If you have an abundance of cardboard, please submit a work request order to schedule a pick-up. We ask that you refrain from placing cardboard in the blue toter, as it fills the toter up too quickly and does not allow enough room for the collection of other recyclables.

Everything else (especially plastic bags and plastic packaging) belongs in the trash.

For specialty recycling refer to the waste wizard above.  Additional off-campus recycling information can be found here.

For one-time pick-up requests of recyclable materials, please have your department administrator submit an AiM work order.

Recycling Sign

Click here for a printable version: Recycling Signage.