Building Recycling Locations

Recycling toters (single-stream) are located in each residence hall.

Additional campus buildings (in alphabetical order) currently in the recycling program (as of 8/24/2022):

Bond Hall
  • Lower level stairwell - near door that exits to back of building next to dumpster area

Carole Sandner Hall

Visitation Hall

  • Room 208
  • 2nd Floor (next to room 205A)
Corby Hall
  • Parking garage
Crowley Hall
  • Main Hallway under the first floor stairwell
  • Cardboard cart located outside by the northeast entrance
DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
  • East loading dock located on the 1st floor
  • Student common area located on the lower level
  • Near freight elevator located on the 3rd floor
Decio Hall
  • 1st Floor connector with Malloy (Cardboard cart here); Note - No recycling in Decio Cafe
  • 2nd Floor connector with Malloy
  • 3rd Floor outside room 399
  • 4th Floor kitchen
Eck Visitors Center
  • Lower Level - next to cardboard collection bin
Engineering North
  • Cubby area near room 121 on first floor
Facilities Building
  • Break room
Fire Station
  • Break room
Flanner Hall
  • 2nd floor: 219 Flanner copy room/kitchenette
  • 3rd floor: Notre dame press--outside of kitchenette
  • 4th floor: lobby
  • 5th floor: lobby
  • 6th floor: one in each wing
  • 7th floor: one in each wing
  • 8th floor: south side work room center for research computing
  • 9th floor: one in each wing
  • 10th floor: one in each wing
General Services
  • Break area
Grace Hall
  • 1st, 2nd - 7th, 9th - 11th Floors - one per floor in elevator lobby area
  • 3rd Floor kitchen
  • 8th Floor workroom in north wing
Haggar Hall
  • Lower level - under East stairs
  • Garage
  • 1st Floor - outside room 127
  • 2nd Floor - next to vending machine
Hesburgh International Center
  • 1st Floor Laundry Room, apartment wing
  • 1st Floor kitchen of office wing
  • 2nd Floor 2 mail room
  • 3rd Floor hallway next to central printer
Hesburgh Library
  • 1st floor suite 150
  • 2nd floor printer/copy room
  • 4th floor office area
  • 6th floor University Archives
Hessert Aerospace
  • Basement 
Information Technology Center
  • Every floor - south end of hallway
Jenkins-Nanovic Hall
  • Deans office kitchen
  • Nanovic work room
  • Kellogg kitchen
  • Keough Naughton work room 
  • Pulte Kitchen
Jordan Hall of Science
  • TBD
LaFortune Student Center
  • 2nd Floor elevator Lobby
  • 3rd Floor elevator Lobby
Law School
  • 1st First floor vending machines
Mail Distribution Center
  • Copy Room
Main Building
  • Suite 415 Copy Room
  • Suite 105 Copy Room
Malloy Hall
  • 1st Floor - South
  • 1st Floor - connector with Decio (cardboard cart location)
  • 2nd Floor - connector with Decio
McCourtney Hall
  • Lower Level near east stairway
Mendoza College of Business
  • Loading dock entrance
Moreau Seminary
  • Multiple locations throughout the building - Contact Ben Rossi
Nieuwland Science Hall
  • Lower level of Main stairwells (North and South)
O'Shaughnessy Hall
  • Toter on each floor in the center stairwell
Pasquerilla Center
  • Lower level
Power Plant
  • Warehouse area near loading dock
Remick Family Hall
  • 1st Floor next to drinking fountain
  • 2nd Floor next to drinking fountain
Ricci Band
  • TBD
Riley Hall of Art & Design
  • Toter: 3rd floor - top of the stairs
  • Cardboard cart: Loading dock area
Rockne Memorial
  • Lower level - Hallway near B035/Fire Panel
St. Liam Hall
  • 1st Floor - 110 Employee Lounge
  • 2nd Floor built-in near 219
  • 2nd Floor 204A Work Room
  • 3rd Floor - 306 Shamrock Cafe
St. Michael's Laundry
  • Break Room
Snite Museum of Art
  • Loading Dock
Stayer Center for Executive Education
  • Loading Dock entrance
Stepan Chemistry Hall
  • 2nd and 4th floors - single stream toters located next to elevator
  • Lower level stairwell - cardboard cart
Walsh Architecture
  • TBD
Washington Hall
  • Shop
  • Green Room
Wellness Center
  • Break Room
West Lake Hall
  • 1st Floor - next to the drinking fountain across from the elevator

As of 8/24/22, the following buildings are not part of the single stream recycling, but are on the schedule to implemented in September.  Large amounts of cardboard will be picked up if you submit an AiM work request, problem code: Recycling.

  • Cushing Hall
  • ECDC
  • Hank Family Center for Environmental Sciences
  • Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering
  • Galvin Life Sciences Center
  • Guglielmino Athletics Complex
  • Harper Hall
  • Irish Athletics Center
  • Joyce Center
  • Raclin-Carmichael Hall
  • Rolfs Athletics Hall