Paused: LEV Preferred Parking

Pause on Issuance of all LEV Decals

 Since 2009, the University of Notre Dame has provided a limited number of parking spaces for Low Emission Vehicles, or LEVs, in preferred areas. These spaces have been offered at no cost, but require a Notre Dame parking permit and an LEV sticker.This program was initially designed to support the campus’s green building certification process, LEED, and has followed the guidelines of that program to promote the  emerging class of hybrid, electric, and otherwise efficient vehicles for more than a decade. The automotive industry has evolved rapidly in the recent past. As such, the industry tools and internal guidelines utilized to support the LEV Preferred Parking program require review.  To support this evolving landscape, the University is pausing the issuance of all new LEV decals until further notice. This will give the University time to evaluate next steps and potential policies in line with current environmental and market realities. If you are a current LEV pass holder, you do not need to do anything at this time. However, please note that we will be unable to issue anyone a new decal for a new vehicle - even current pass holders - during this time. Decals may not be transferred between vehicles.

This web page will be updated to include program next steps once a decision has been reached. The Electric Vehicle decal program, applicable only to vehicles which must plug in to charge, continues as normal. EV decal holders may continue to park in LEV parking spaces on campus for the time being. More information on that program can be found on our Electric Vehicle Charging page here. 

Thank you for your support of this program and your patience as future options are discussed.