K-Cup Reuse & Recycling

Reusable K-Cup Options

When it comes to reducing waste and energy needs, reusing is always a better option than recycling. We encourage you to consider using reusable K-Cup pods. These pods can be washed and reused many times to make coffee or tea. Moreover, reusable pods can help you save money, as purchasing coffee or tea grounds alone is often cheaper than purchasing single-use K-Cup packs. Amazon offers several reusable options to choose from.

Reusable Pods
Image from Amazon.com

K-Cup Pod Recycle Program

Due to programmatic funding challenges, the K-Cup Pod Recycling Program, provided by Keurig and funded by Office Depot, has been discontinued as of August 2023. If your office or department would like to continue participating in this program, you may purchase K-Cycle bins from Keurig directly.

Recycling K-Cups on Campus via Single-Stream Recycling Program

If you choose single-use pods, the best thing you can do is recycle them. K-Cup pods can be recycled via the single-stream recycling toter system on campus. Simply remove the pod lid, empty the coffee grounds into the trash, rinse the pod, and place it into a recycling toter on campus.