Green Office Certification

The Green Office Certification program helps offices and departments to adopt best practices and achieve greater sustainability engagement through a simple self-audit program. 

About the Program

The Green Office Certification is an audit process customized for Notre Dame offices interested in becoming more sustainable workplaces. With your help, we can reach the goals established in the University's Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy. The Green Office Certification program is designed to recognize the positive efforts of faculty and staff. Upon completion of the audit, participating offices will receive a certificate and will be acknowledged on the Office of Sustainability’s website for their positive efforts.  

Certification Levels Website

The Process:


  1. If pursuing a personal certification, please email the Office of Sustainability at to receive the link for the survey.
  2. If an entire office decides to pursue Green Office Certification, a representative of the office shall email the Office of Sustainability at with the names and email addresses for each employee in the office for survey distribution.
  3. Every employee is required to fill out the form.  
  4. The scores will be compiled and a total score will be calculated.
  5. Based on their score they will be offered one of three downloadable badges to put in their email signature that identifies them as achieving the level of One Leaf, Two Leaf, or Three Leaf Green Office Certification.
  6. Office of Sustainability will then contact the representative to award the certificate.