Trees in the Service of Justice

Author: Rachel Novick


On Friday, April 24th, nearly fifty students who participated in spring break seminars through the Center for Social Concerns (CSC) planted forty Old Glory Red Maples in Mishawaka parks to offset the carbon emissions resulting from travel to their seminars.

During every fall and spring break, over one hundred Notre Dame students embark on service trips and seminars organized by the CSC. Traveling to cities across the United States, students confront issues including poverty, sustainability, and justice.

In the spirit of solidarity and stewardship, the CSC has launched a new program to offset the carbon emitted by seminar travel through planting trees. “It’s important to be consistent in our mission,” said CSC intern Angelina Baglini. “When we serve others, we also must be conscious of the impact we leave on the environment.”

This program is not just about offsetting carbon, but also broadening awareness about sustainable practices. “The Tree Planting Day is just one small but important step in the right direction,” emphasized Baglini. “By planting these trees, we will have offset over a ton of carbon if they grow to be twenty-five years or older. The payback is not only beautification and reforestation; it is an investment in our future and the future of our world.”