Mayor Buttigieg Speaks to the Winners of the 2017 Megawatt Madness Competition

Author: Donnetta McClellan/Isabel Cabezas

Mayor Buttigieg Speaking To Residents Of Howard Hall

As the grand prize winners of the 2017 Megawatt Madness competition, the residents of Howard Hall were treated to an evening of Coffee & Conversation with Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Thursday, April 27th. Although the weather was less-than-desirable, those who braved the cooler temperatures said it was well worth the effort. Approximately 55 members of Howard Hall were in attendance to listen to the Mayor speak about sustainability, both here on campus and in the greater community, and how each one of us can participate in the effort. The Mayor stressed community as the key to becoming involved, with the idea that if you pursue your interests, you will find a larger group within the greater community that cares for the same things; this is the first step to becoming involved and effecting change.

As Notre Dame becomes a home away from home for many members of our campus community, Mayor Buttigieg invited the Notre Dame students to visit the city and find ways to become engaged in the South Bend area. He closed out the evening by taking questions from the student audience. Topics ranged from his viewpoint on urban sprawl to the local education system, and the legacy he would like to leave behind. In response to what surprised him most about being Mayor, he reflected that the people he serves inspire him by their dedication to South Bend and by showing up to contribute their story or protect what matters to them. The Mayor also asked some questions of his own. He inquired about what the residents of Howard Hall did as a dorm that allowed them to win Megawatt Madness. The key to success? Taking showers and getting ready for a dance in the dark!

Mayor Buttigieg ended the evening by presenting the Sustainability Traveling Trophy to Anna Chang, Howard Hall Sustainability Commissioner, thanking her and the residents of Howard Hall for all of their hard work and dedication.

A big thanks to all of the dorms on campus for making this year’s Megawatt Madness competition such a success!