Madeline Kelley wins Grab ‘n Go Raffle

Author: Rachel Novick


Madeline Kelley, a freshman from Cavanaugh Hall, is the 3rd winner of the Reusable Grab ‘n Go Bag Raffle. Madeline was randomly selected from among 700 students who entered the raffle during the past 2 class weeks.

She selected $25 in Flex-Points as her prize. She says there are lots of reasons why she uses her green mesh reusable bag. “I use grab ’n go for its flexibility and convenience. With the reusable bags for sale, it made sense to ditch the paper.”

Madeline cites Cavanaugh Hall’s enthusiasm for environmentally conscious behavior, from reusable grab ‘n go bags to the recent Dorm Energy Competition. She sees her efforts as part of a larger goal, and says, “The easy action of using a netted bag instead of paper will inevitably help protect the environment if enough people use it. I am just doing my small part.”

Due to the popularity of the reusable grab ‘n go bags and raffle, the drawing will now be held more frequently. Every 2 weeks, we will pick a new winner. So be sure to bring your reusable bags and enter your raffle codes.