Green Lab Spotlight: Dept. of Psychology Clinical Studies Building

Author: Notre Dame News


While relatively far from main campus, the Clinical Studies Building is close to Notre Dame’s sustainability goals. Made up of two psychology labs – the Center for Advanced Measurement of Personality and Psychopathology (CAMPP) and the Adult Development and Aging Lab – this facility provides a green work environment for students, staff, and researchers alike.

Dr. Bergeman, the principal investigator of the Adult Development and Aging Lab, is married to the architect who designed the facility while “keeping sustainability in mind.” Not only are the building’s green features accentuated by the upper exterior paint color, but also by the green roof that divides the two floors. This green roof is a great example of making sustainability a centerpiece in the workplace. Green roofs are gaining popularity across the U.S. as an eco-friendly way to repurpose under-utilized spaces. They can provide natural insulation, absorb storm water, and improve air quality. This one requires maintenance only about once a year for harmful plant and seedling removal. Some green roofs produce edible vegetation, while others are more for aesthetic benefit, which is the case at the Clinical Studies Building. Dr. Bergeman commented on her upstairs view, “It is really nice to have offices that look out [to the roof].”

Sustainable, community-building practices have also been a priority of both labs’ members. Diana Garrastegui of the Adult Development and Aging Lab listed some of these features such as sensor bathroom lights, dog-friendly spaces, tightly controlled thermostats, and recycling and reduced waste in the kitchen. It may be a trek for some to get from main circle to North Hill Street, but it is still worth a visit! I encourage psych students, and all students and faculty for that matter, to stroll or bike past this building and take in the lush green roof this year!

By Shella Raja