Grab-n-Go Raffle Off to a Great Start

Author: Rachel Novick


About 1,000 students visit Grab ‘n Go each day – until now, that’s meant almost 200,000 paper bags a year. But now, that mountain of paper bags is starting to shrink as a result of the new Reusable Grab ‘n Go Bag Raffle. Starting September 15th, students who bring a reusable bag or mug to Grab ‘n Go can enter a monthly drawing for prizes like $25 in Flex Points, a $25 Starbucks giftcard, a 6-foot sub from Subway, and dinner for two at Sorin’s, the Morris Inn Restaurant.

Reusable bags are for sale at Grab ‘n Go for $2 and can be purchased in bulk for your dorm or student club from the Office of Sustainability.

So far, the program has met with a lot of success. "In just the first week, almost 1,000 students brought reusable bags to Grab ’n Go,” said Rachel Novick, Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Office of Sustainability. “It goes to show that if we work on sustainability issues as a community, even small changes in our everyday routines really add up.”