Ben Hechler Wins Grab 'n Go Raffle

Author: Rachel Novick


Ben Hechler, a senior in Alumni Hall, is the 5th winner of the Reusable Grab ‘n Go Bag Raffle. He selected $25 in Flex Dollars as his prize.

“I typically get Grab ’n Go every day for lunch,” said Ben. “Although on a day-to-day basis something as simple as saving a paper bag may seem trivial, over the course of the semester the savings really do add up. Many feel that any substantial contribution to a healthy environment requires that large changes be made; instead, the accumulation of small, daily measures of conservation can have a significant effect.”

This was the last drawing of the semester, but the popular Grab ‘n Go raffle will be back in the spring with new prizes so don’t lose your reusable bags over break!