Sustainability Strategy Successes

In the spring of 2016, the University of Notre Dame released its comprehensive sustainability strategy.  As of May, 2022, the University has achieved many of those goals.  As the strategy continues to evolve, goals are added and updated to the strategy.  Each of those changes represent the University's overall goal of becoming a carbon neutral campus by 2050.

The accomplishments listed below highlight a small part of the overall success and progress made to the strategy during the 2021-2022 academic year.


Energy & Emissions Small Working Group
  • The University of Notre Dame joins the EPA Green Power Partnership program
    • The joint venture between the University of Notre Dame and Indiana & Michigan Power in the St. Joseph Solar Farm is part of a series of investments aimed at reducing campus carbon emissions.  This, along with current renewable energy initiatives on campus, played a major role in the partnership with the EPA.
  • Emissions Accounting Network Expansion
    •  As the University continues towards its goal of carbon neutrality, emissions accounting now includes the Ivy+ Network as well as the inventorying of plant refrigerants.
Water Small Working Group
  • Increased engagement, education, outreach, and service during Notre Dame Water week and Earth Week
    • Several successful events were coordinated both on and off-campus highlighting water conservation needs and initiatives
  • Created data analysis from building-specific water metering
    • The water meter data analysis will help develop a baseline measurement and establish water usage trends which will be used to create future reduction targets
  • Initiated inventories of green infrastructure, stormwater, and biodiversity 
    • Inventory data will be used to guide optimum location for installation of additional green infrastructure, stormwater, and biodiversity
Building and Construction Small Working Group
  • Identify new campus building for achieving LEED-Platinum certification
    • Efforts in identifying a new building for achieving LEED-Platinum certification are well underway
  • Implementing Living Lab concept in building construction
    • Increased academic partnerships for sustainable campus design
Waste Small Working Group
  • Returned recycling to all residence halls and 46 administrative/academic campus buildings
    • Recycling was returned to campus building after a brief pause due to COVID-19
  • Grind2Energy usage increase
    • Re-implemented return to Grind2Energy systems across campus with anticipated increase in usage
Procurement, Licensing & Food Sourcing Small Working Group
  • Continued Procurement Partner Sustainability Award 
    • The Procurement Partner Sustainability Award will honor its 4th award winner during the 2022 Fall Expo
  • Collaborate with the Energy & Emissions Small Working Group on Energy Star Purchasing Policy
    • Implementation of an Energy Star purchasing policy is underway and will be implemented campus-wide by the end of the 2022 calendar year
Education, Research & Community Outreach Small Working Group
  • Provided support with the 2021-22 ND Forum Theme: Care for our Common Home: Just Transition to a Sustainable Future
    • Assisted in coordinating several events focused the campus's attention on intersectional sustainability issues, such as the disproportionate impact of climate change on those most economically and socially vulnerable people on Earth
  • Partnered with Notre Dame International on Global Campus Sustainability
    • The Office of Sustainability partnered with NDI to established a Sustainability Taskforce which aims to increase operational and educational sustainability initiatives at each location and implement the Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy globally.