Domi Madrid

Dominique Madrid Website


Domi is a senior civil engineering major with a concentration in structures and a minor in resiliency and sustainability of engineering systems. She is originally from Fort Worth, Texas and on campus lives in Flaherty Hall. Domi joined the office because as an engineer it will be her responsibility to find creative solutions for unique problems and being an intern at the Office has given her the opportunity to find some of those creative solutions that engage students in all things related to sustainability on campus. Her favorite sustainable event on campus is the Sustainability Cup. Domi enjoys making pottery and can even throw on the pottery wheel blindfolded. 

Emma Hamilton  

Emma H

Emma is currently a junior economics major with a minor in sustainability.  She is originally from Westfield, NJ, calling Breen-Phillips her campus home.  She is excited to be a part of the Office of Sustainability, being very interested in a variety of climate change issues ranging from waste management to energy conservation.  Emma will be using her love of writing in her role as communications specialist, delivering honest, real news about sustainability happenings on campus.  Her recent favorite sustainability hack is thrifting, with the use of ThredUp as one of her go-to’s.  In her free time, she loves to read, run, and spend time with friends.  


Emily Kaplan  

Emily K Website

Emily is a 2nd year graduate student earning a Masters in Global Affairs, focusing on sustainable international development, food and water security, and natural resource management with a graduate minor in Peace Studies. She is originally from Kansas City. She joined the office because she is passionate about the fight against climate change and the environmental justice movement, and feels her undergraduate degree in environmental science allows her to think critically about the role larger institutions play in environmental degradation.  As a Notre Dame student, she wants to make sure to play her part in doing all she can to push her community to be sustainable. Her favorite sustainability related thing on campus are the green roofs, and thinks they are extremely exciting!

Jess Staggs

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Jess is a senior anthropology and sociology major with minors in sustainability and science, technology, and values. She is originally from Zachary, Louisiana, and at Notre Dame lives in Welsh Family Hall (whirl up!). She has been working with our office since her sophomore year and is passionate about making sustainability a highly valued part in everyone’s life. Jess’ biggest sustainability tip is to shop organic whenever possible if you have the resources. This indicates to producers that there’s a market for organic products which is better for your own health and so much better for agricultural lands that are detrimentally harmed by synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. This is also much easier on campus now that Trader Joe’s has been built. Jess also works for the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning and is working on independent research for two projects, one about the Indiana Dunes and one about what students brought with them to University quarantine.


Mathilda Noone

Mathilda N


Mathlida is a junior environmental science and global affairs major with a concentration in global policy. Mathilda is from Mercer Island, Washington and on campus lives in Pasquerilla East. Having grown up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she has always been passionate about the environment, which developed into a passion for sustainability. Working at the Office of Sustainability allows her the opportunity to pursue this passion and work on making the Notre Dame campus more sustainable, which is something that is contributing to become more important. Her favorite sustainability tip is to use your own reusable utensils when eating around campus to help reduce waste. 


Sam Bosio

Sam B


Sam is a senior environmental science major with a sustainability minor. He is originally from Hamilton, Montana, and currently lives in Keenan Hall. Sam joined our office to make a positive impact on our university and the world, as well as to gain experience communicating science and policy. His favorite fact about sustainability on campus is that you can find the heat tunnels by looking for the lines of melted snow on the grass. A fun fact about Sam is that he was hit in the face by an endangered bird at a zoo, potentially injuring one of the only specimens in the country.


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