Small Working Group Members


Carol Mullaney

Senior Director, Office of Sustainability
University Operations



  • Cheryl Bauer

    Associate Director, Sourcing & Sustainability, Campus Dining
    University Enterprises and Events

  • Jason Carley

    Graduate Student

  • Mike Chapple

    Academic Director of the Master of Science in Business Analytics
    Mendoza College of Business

  • Mike Daly

    Senior Director, Project Management, Planning
    Facilities Design and Operations

  • Caitlin Jacobs

    Sustainability Program Manager, Office of Sustainability
    University Operations

  • Greg Koehler

    Program Manager for Sustainable Operations
    University Operations

  • Kim Kolk

    Space Planning & Logistics
    Office of Housing

  • David Konkey

    Assistant Director, Building Services
    University Operations

  • Josephine Lechartre

    Graduate Student

  • Donnetta McClellan

    Project and Communications Coordinator, Office of Sustainability
    University Operations

  • Jonathan Retartha

    Director of Residential Life
    Office of Student Affairs

  • Kate Thel

    Undergraduate Student