Game Day Recycling

Be a part of Notre Dame’s efforts to #GoIrish #BeGreen!

Stadium Recycling

Look for GREEN barrels Labeled "Recycle". 

Nd Stadium Recycle Lid Logo
  • Inside The Stadium: only plastic bottles should be placed in GREEN recycling barrels.
  • Outside The Stadium (at the gates as you enter), please drop your empty bottles and cans in the GREEN recycling barrels prior to entering The Stadium.  
  • Everything else - trash - goes in the BLACK barrels marked "Landfill".

Tailgate Recycling

The tradition of tailgating at Notre Dame has become as popular and as important as attending the game itself with many fans considering tailgating the ultimate game day experience.  

Recycle your bottles and cans by placing them in one of the clear bags that is provided at the entrance to the lots.  Only include:

  • empty plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles,
  • empty aluminum and steel cans,

Everything else is considered trash and should be placed in the black bag provided to you.  You may also use your own black bags.  Anything not in a clear bag is considered trash.

Prior to kickoff, Leave both bags behind your vehicle and they will be picked up during the game.  It is helpful to leave the clear bag untied so staff can easily remove the materials.  


Waste Reduction Tips

To help you score a winning touchdown with your recycling, we’ve come up with a list of our top 5 tips to help make your Game Day tailgate the greenest it can be.  

Tip #1:  Reusables, Reusables, Reusables
We can’t talk about sustainable tailgating without the word reusables.  Things like reusable tablecloths, beverage containers and drink dispensers, cups (like the new durable aluminum cups which can be reused but are also accepted in our Game Day recycling), and reusable serving utensils like plates and silverware should be in your tailgating supply inventory.

Tip #2: Have a game plan for your leftovers
Think about ways you can minimize food waste by making a game plan for your leftovers. Reusable/resealable containers are a great way to store any food that’s left in your cooler before heading into the stadium.  This will help ensure your leftovers stay fresh and can be consumed after an Irish victory. Wasted food is the single largest category of material placed in landfills. Help the Fighting Irish fight hunger by feeding people instead of landfills.

Tip #3:  Purchase only beverages in containers that are recyclable
We've made recycling outside of the stadium convenient and easy for our tailgate fans. We highly encourage you to purchase beverages in containers that can be recycled, like aluminum, glass, or plastics #1-2.

Tip #4:  Have something to collect your soiled, reusable dishware in
Try a pop-up hamper to collect your reusable soiled cups, plates, and serving utensils.  Having a designated place where your guests can leave their used cups, plates, and serving utensils helps keep your tailgate area neat and tidy, making for an easy clean-up before heading into the game.

Tip #5:  Get creative, enjoy your tailgate, but leave no trace
Challenge yourself to be as green as you can when planning your tailgate - or try one new sustainable action each game.  Providing clearly designated trash and recycling receptacles for your guests is a great way to keep your tailgate area neat and tidy for easier clean-up. That way, you can get into the stadium in time for kick-off. Leaving nothing behind, including your tailgate accessories like games, chairs, tables, and banner flags, even if they are broken, is one of the best things you can do to ensure everyone has a great tailgate experience.

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