Sustainability Commissioners

Mission and Overview of Responsibilities

Sustainability Commissioners are chosen within their residence hall and work closely with the Office of Sustainability to reduce the environmental impact of the University through programming and education initiatives in their dorm. Commissioners serve as the formal link between the student body and the Office of Sustainability.  Click here to find out who your sustainability dorm commissioner is.

Sustainability Commissioners are expected to:

  • Act as a liaison between the Office of Sustainability and their respective dorms.  This may include sending emails, helping explain recycling changes, and putting up materials for advertising events sponsored by the Office of Sustainability.  Commissioners are also responsible for coordinating their dorm’s participation in campus-wide competitions.
  • Attend monthly meetings hosted by the Office of Sustainability.  These meetings allow Sustainability Commissioners to network with one another and receive important updates on-campus sustainability initiatives and events from representatives of the Office of Sustainability.  The meetings also serve as an important venue in which Commissioners can provide feedback to the Office and suggest campus-wide improvements and programs.  
  • Organize sustainability programs in their dorm.  Commissioners are encouraged to create sustainability programming and events which is valuable for their specific residence hall community.  This might be a dorm infrastructure improvement like shower timers, a single event like a tour of the power plant, or a repeated event like Meatless Monday dinner in the dining hall.
  • Sustainability Commissioners are encouraged to work with their dorm’s Hall Council and hall staff as an “environmental consultant” of sorts to help green their dorm’s events, including signature, existing, or recurring events.

Commissioners are welcome to email the Office of Sustainability for student engagement with any questions or suggestions.