Green Office Certification

The University of Notre Dame strives to be a sustainability leader in operations, education, and responsible citizenship. The Green Office Certification provides University offices with an opportunity to consider the environmental impact of their operations and make sustainable changes that benefit the environment, staff and students, and the University. 

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The Green Office Certification can include varying levels of voluntary involvement from staff, but requires at least some commitment from everyone in the office in order to make lasting and meaningful changes.  The certification improves outcomes in the areas of energy and water conservation, reduction in waste, sustainable procurement, and culture and communication.

There are three levels for certification.  Offices must complete and maintain each level for six months before applying for the next level of certification.  This encourages ongoing, sustainable changes and engagement in the office.

Program Requirements

  • To get started: Contact the Office of Sustainability to indicate interest
  • Meet with the potential Green Office's leadership to discuss participation and confirm their support.
  • Complete Green Office Consultation with a member of the Office of Sustainability staff (includes program overview, review of actions already in practice, and addresses any concerns).
  • Staff read the Green Office Participation Guide and commit to supporting office-wide actions.
  • Complete certification actions using your Green Office Certification spreadsheet

Sample Bronze Certification Actions

  • Our office has at least one Green Ambassador
  • Our Green Ambassador is given at least 5 minutes once a month during office staff meetings to update the team on sustainable office initiatives.
  • We reviewed the University's newly updated recycling guidelines at a staff meeting and have requested informational signage as needed.
  • Our office orientation checklist for new hires and student interns includes sharing information about the office's recycling programs and sustainability practices.
  • We send a Pre-Break Office Sustainability Checklist to staff before holiday breaks.
  • Office website includes information about our progress towards becoming Green Office Certified.
  • We do not buy Styrofoam products and have eliminated Styrofoam disposable service ware from our office.
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