Green Team

Set up a Green Team

There is no reason to do this work alone.  Talk with your office supervisor and get buy-in for you to set up a Green Team that can work on some of these ideas.  Being able to implement them will be much easier with a team that can share the efforts.

Running a Successful Green Team

  • Get Leadership buy-in.
  • Start small, Celebrate the success.
  • Hold meetings on a regular basis (One hour once a month - or what works for you).  
  • Set an agenda.  Use the time well.
  • Set up mutual accountability - It's easy to set goals, but encourage each other to achieve them.
  • Work on issues across departments, divisions, offices.  Collaborate with other Green Teams.
  • Involve Building Services when appropriate. You may want to set an office policy specific to cardboard.  It would be a good idea to include Building Services so they know not to accidentally place something where you didn't want it.
  • Focus on a different sustainability topic each month.
  • Make it Fun.  The Climate Crisis is serious stuff - but we humans work best when we enjoy what we're doing - Take a field trip around the lakes, try some new foods, have a competition.
  • Show appreciation - Provide rewards. But avoid the knick-knacks that will just end up in the trash. Give experiences or durable items that can be useful in the office for a long time.
  • Communicate - Newsletter, Social media - Send success stories to the Office of Sustainability!