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What does it mean to be a Notre Dame Green Ambassador?

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As a Green Ambassador, we ask you to be a liaison and a champion for sustainability in your office.  And because it really takes a team to be effective, we ask you to form a "Green Team" that will meet periodically about the sustainability challenges and solutions in your office. The Office of Sustainability will support you with ideas and you will be able to network with other Ambassadors across campus. We'll add you to our list of recipients for our monthly newsletter that will inform you of Green Ambassador events, ideas, and campus initiatives.

Your engagement starts with encouraging others to make the simple personal changes that add up, then making changes office-wide for which your role has control, and finally if/when you feel comfortable, advocating for sustainability solutions at a higher level in your office.  

Let us know your interest in becoming a Green Ambassador by filling out the form to the right =>
Still not sure?  Contact Greg Koehler, Associate Program Manager for the Office of Sustainability with any questions.

Benefits of becoming a Green Ambassador

The Green Ambassador program provides participants with the necessary tools to serve as leaders and change-agents in their offices. It's all about sharing information rather than always feeling like you're alone in this pursuit or reinventing the wheel. By becoming a Green Ambassador, you will:

  • Play an active role in your office's sustainability activities.
  • You'll receive a monthly email newsletter informing you about sustainability-related campus activities and other resources.
  • Join and contribute to the Currents Community of resources.
  • Enhance your leadership skills and be an agent for change in your office.
  • Lead your office in the Green Office Certification program.
  • Expand your skillset and knowledge of sustainability concepts.
  • Join a cross-campus network of peers working together to share ideas, problem-solve, and facilitate change.

Let us know your interest in becoming a Green Ambassador by completing the form to the right.  It only takes a few minutes, and you will be under no obligation to join.  

Still not sure?  Contact Greg Koehler, Associate Program Manager with the Office of Sustainability with any questions.

Running a Successful Green Team

The weight of your office's sustainability action should not fall on one person's shoulders.  As a Green Ambassador, you're the liaison.  But the effort should be collaborative within your office.  

  • Start Small: 2-4 office co-workers.
  • Hold meetings on a regular basis (once/month, bimonthly).
  • Communicate - keep your leadership informed.
  • Work on issues across departments, divisions, and offices.
  • Focus on a different sustainability topic each month.
  • Make it fun.
  • Create an intra-office newsletter.
  • Share with the world - create relevant hashtags for your social media.  
  • Use the Currents Community (you will be able to contribute after joining).
  • Show appreciation among your team members.  
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