Grace Hall Recycling Pilot Project

The Recycling Pilot Project for floors 7 and 8 in Grace Hall is testing several new expectations for recycling in office buildings on the campus of Notre Dame.  

This project is a collaborative effort among the following:

  • The Office of Sustainability
  • Building Services and Recycling
  • Procurement Services and the Office of the Controller


Commitment to waste reduction

Respond to Change 

  • World markets - which materials are desired?
  • Single stream hasn’t worked for ND - too much contamination.
  • New bag-less requirement from the materials recovery facility (MRF).

New Expectations

(for this Pilot)

Bottle 8

Plastic Bottles - only plastic accepted - it is the high quality plastic that is desired.  Dump contents and rinse.


Can 8

Aluminum Cans - the only metal accepted (100% recyclable). Dump contents and rinse.


Paper 8

Office paper, envelopes (without windows), catalogs, newsprint - nothing with food or grease contamination.


Box 8

Cardboard, paperboard, shipping envelopes that do not have any plastic.



Trash - When in doubt - STILL throw it out. 

  • This includes: Plastics other than plastic bottles, Glass, Food waste, Saran Wrap, Plastic bags, Snack wrappers, Beverage cups, Broken dishes, Used paper towels & napkins, Packaging with bubble wrap and any Styrofoam.
  • For this Pilot: we are not accepting glass and steel cans.  Unfortunately, there is not a market for recycling glass and steel cans can often be a source of food contamination.

The Process

Everyone gets a personal recycling bin and trash can.

  • Custodians will regularly empty your trash.
  • We are each responsible for our own recycling
    • Why? We think there will be better outcomes and much less contamination.
  • Recycling bins will not be lined with a bag.
  • When you feel it is time, take your recycling bin to the central bin located in the lobby by the elevators on your floor.  Place the correct materials in the correct bin.  


(to throwing it out)

  • Reduce the use of non-recyclable containers (that will end up in the landfill).
  • Reuse a glass jar.
  • Take it home.

Your feedback is necessary

In our efforts to get it right - please provide some constructive criticism here:  Grace Hall Recycling Pilot Project