Since 2004, Notre Dame’s year-end campus yard sale has annually diverted over 76.3 tons of waste from landfills. 

At the end of the school year, students leave behind many items they no longer need. In the past, most of it would end up in landfills, but with the introduction of Old2Gold, students are now putting those unwanted items to good use.

As students move out, they are encouraged to separate donations into two groups: furniture (chairs, couches, futons, desks, shelving, etc.) and other donations (clothing, carpet, books, refrigerators, etc.). These items are then placed by the matching yard sign in front of their residence hall. University Campus, Warehouse & Delivery Services then collects the items and transports the items to a warehouse where individuals from local charities give of their time for sorting. Once sorting is complete, everything is transported to the specified location for the sale. Proceeds from the sale help support the local charities who volunteered.

The creation of the sale has allowed the University to work towards its waste diversion goal as well as supporting several charitable organizations in the area.

The sale is open to the general public.

The 2018 Old2Gold diverted more than 58 tons of waste from the landfill (which included 600 bikes), brought in 1,326 shoppers, and raised more than $32,000 for the 21 local charities that operated the sale.