Get funding

The Office of Sustainability manages a $2 million green loan fund for projects demonstrating a positive impact on environmental sustainability in campus buildings and operations.

The Green Loan Fund is open to faculty, students, and staff, and is intended to support sustainability projects not directly funded by the Administration. Applicants must demonstrate that their project will incur financial savings and will have a direct positive impact on Notre Dame’s sustainability initiatives. The loan fund provides required capital with the expectation that the financial benefits realized by the project will repay the initial investment.

Criteria and Requirements:
Eligible projects must:

  • Contribute to a positive impact on the University’s sustainability initiatives
  • Incur financial savings that will repay the initial investment in five years or less, in most cases.

Proposed projects already scheduled or underway will not be eligible for funding unless innovative design changes are planned for the purpose of improving sustainability. Approval of any proposed project is based on the assumption that the requestor will agree to manage and execute the project through its completion.

For application directions, please contact with project ideas.