Small Working Group Members


Rev. Robert Dowd, C.S.C.

Associate Professor of Political Science and Director, Ford Program in Human Development Studies & Solidarity
College of Arts and Letters



  • Jessica Brookshire

    Associate Director, Public Affairs
    Office of Public Affairs and Communications

  • Dominic Chaloner

    Associate Professional Associate
    College of Science

  • Melanie DeFord

    Assistant Vice President
    Office of Research

  • Carly Hubers

    Program Coordinator, Sustainability Studies
    College of Science

  • Audrey Immonen

    Undergraduate Student

  • Donnetta McClellan

    Project and Communications Coordinator, Office of Sustainability
    University Operations

  • Anna Scartz

    Undergraduate Student

  • Andrew Schranck

    Graduate Student

  • Sara Sievers

    Associate Professional Specialist
    Keough School of Global Affairs

  • Niraja Suresh

    Graduate Student

  • Michael Talbot

    Associate Director, Master of Global Affairs
    Keough School of Global Affairs

  • Danielle Wood

    Assistant Professional Specialist, Center for Social Concerns
    Division of Student Affairs