Small Working Group Members


Krupali Krusche

Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship and Creative Work
School of Architecture



  • Patricia Culligan

    Matthew H. McCloskey Dean of Engineering
    College of Engineering

  • Mike Daly

    Senior Director, Project Management, Planning
    Facilities Design and Operations

  • Mark Hummel

    Assistant Director, Utilities & Maintenance
    Facilities Design and Operations

  • Greg Koehler

    Program Manager for Sustainable Operations, Office of Sustainability
    University Operations

  • Doug Marsh

    Vice President and University Architect
    Facilities Design and Operations

  • John Mellor

    Associate Professional Specialist
    School of Architecture

  • John Onyango

    Associate Professor
    School of Architecture

  • Cindy Sachire

    Associate Director, Budget and Financial Planning
    Finance Division

  • Ginger Sigmon

    Associate Director, cSEND
    Sustainable Energy Initiative