Campus Lakes BioBlitz


Location: St. Mary's & St. Joseph's Lakes

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The University of Notre Dame Du Lac would not be itself without the campus lakes, and the lakes wouldn’t be themselves without the wide variety of things that live in and around them! In honor of ND's Global Day of Action, join the Office of Sustainability Staff for a campus “BioBlitz”. You can register your interest at this link.

This is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time. At a BioBlitz, scientists, families, students, teachers, and other community members work together to get a snapshot of an area’s biodiversity. This is one way we can work together to understand our ecosystem. Help us reach our goal of 100 observations around the campus lakes -- there will be prizes for top contributors.

To participate, please download the iNaturalist app to your mobile device and ensure it is fully charged. This can be used to collect photos and observations of any wildlife, plants, and other living things you find around the campus lakes. This app will track your findings and connect them back to campus. Any observations collected between 8am and 8pm will be counted for the Blitz event. There will be three “shifts” during which the Office of Sustainability Interns & Staff will be posted near the Grotto (rain location: Office of Sustainability) educating participants on how to use iNaturalist. 

  • 9am-11am
  • 1pm-3pm
  • 5pm-7pm


More information on BioBlitz events can be found by clicking here:

Guidance for participants:

  • Make sure you take clear/good quality photos
  • Try to take more than 1 photo per observation. 2-3 is best and take them from multiple angles.
  • Make sure your geo privacy setting is “open”