2021 ND Energy Week: Hydroelectric Plant Tour


Location: Hydroelectric Plant, South Bend

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Tours are open to Notre Dame students, faculty and staff only. Transportation will be provided for off-campus tours. Space is limited, so registration is required. Additional details will be provided upon registration and confirmation.   

Currently under construction by Notre Dame, a 2.5-megawatt hydroelectric generating plant is located below Seitz Park across from the Century Center in downtown South Bend. The plant will harness water from the St. Joseph River at the south end of Seitz Park and channel it as it drops about 13 feet into 10 hydro turbines just north of the dam. The power generated by the plant will move to campus via underground transmission lines, connect to the University just beyond Burke Golf Course, and produce enough electricity to supply about 7% of the University’s needs. Join Paul Kempf, assistant vice president of utilities and maintenance, for a short tour of the plant construction site and an explanation of the progress to-date and its projected completion. 

This event is about 65 minutes long with a 10-minute drive each way and 45-minute tour/presentation. 

More information on tours and the 2021 ND Energy Week can be found here

Originally published at forum2021.nd.edu.