Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Location: Virtual


From now until 5:00 pm, April 24th, the Office of Sustainability will be hosting a virtual Scavenger Hunt.  The Michiana area is full of hidden gems when it comes to outdoor spaces.  This scavenger hunt leads you to the resources you need to explore these spaces on and off-campus.  As the weather warms up, get out there and explore!

Submit your answers here.


Part I: Virtual Resources

  1. List two “Natural Sites to See” in the Michiana area. 

Hint: What resources are available on the Office of Sustainability’s website?

  1. Which sustainability-related event is scheduled on April 24th from 10 AM-12 PM? 

Hint: The Office of Sustainability lists upcoming sustainability events on our website. 

  1. List one sustainability-related minor and one “Research Center” that students can get involved with on campus.

Hint: Learn how you can Get Involved at 

  1. What is the handle for the ND Office of Sustainability’s Instagram account? 

Hint: The icon is our shamrock logo on a light blue background.  


Part II: Campus Selfies. Snap a selfie of yourself...

  1. On the Irish Green

Hint: Check out the Notre Dame Green Space Map to learn about outdoor recreational areas on campus.

  1. In the stone amphitheater on top of a former landfill 

Hint: Search the Snite Museum of Art website for a history of the Charles B. Hayes Sculpture Park.

  1. Between two trees close enough together for a hammock 

Hint: There are many locations on campus that fit this description!

  1. In front of the bottlebrush buckeye on God Quad 

Hint: Find the “tree tour” at

  1. Lounging by the lakes


Part III: Bonus! 

  1. Submit a picture or description of your favorite way to spend time outside!

All submissions entered before April 24th at 5:00 PM will be eligible for a sticker prize. This includes all Moreau and dorm competition entries. This scavenger hunt counts as an Educational Event for the 2021 Sustainability Cup. Contact your dorm sustainability commissioner to organize a group scavenger hunt and for more information about how this event will be scored. Happy hunting!