Notre Dame Moves Toward De-carbonization


Location: Virtual

Paul Kempf

Notre Dame has embarked on several renewable energy solutions to replace the need for coal and complement the use of natural gas and beyond. Join us as we learn about Notre Dame's sustainably-minded energy portfolio. 

Paul Kempf is the Assistant Vice President for The Utilities and Maintenance Departments.  These two University departments are responsible for the operation of the campus’s combined heat and power plant, distribution of all centrally produced utilities as well as the maintenance of over 11 million gross square feet of campus facilities.  He is a 1980 graduate of Notre Dame and has worked for his alma mater for over 29 years.  As part of the University's comprehensive sustainability strategy, he serves on the Sustainability Strategy Standing Committee, the Energy & Emissions, and Water small working groups.

This virtual event is free and registration is required.