4th Workshop on Management and Control of Energy Supply-demand Networks with Renewables


Location: 210-214 McKenna Hall Map

All are welcome to attend the 4th Workshop on Management and Control of Energy Supply-demand Networks with Renewables. The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers to develop an understanding of the challenges, and some possible solutions, for maintaining a reliable power grid as the percentage of renewables in the energy mix increases. The current operational paradigm for the power grid was developed for power plants whose output could be controlled reliably. Renewable sources such as wind and solar are inherently intermittent and unpredictable. Further, integration of renewable energy sources at the distribution level creates new sets of issues that were traditionally not present in the grid. The workshop will provide an introduction to these various issues and a snapshot into the current research being done in this arena.

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8:00am Meet & Green Light Breakfast
Session I – Chair, Dr. Anuradha Annaswamy
8:30am Subhonmesh Bose (UIUC) On Wholesale Electricity Market Design: from Renewable Integration to Strategic Interaction
8:55am Takashi Tanaka (U T Austin) Dynamic Mechanism Design Theory for Real-time Power Market Operations
9:20am Yasuaki Wasa (Waseda University) Optimal Control/incentive Based on Contract Theory and Analysis of Ancillary Services in Dynamic Power Network
9:45am Summary of Session I
10:00am Coffee Break & Informal Discussions
Session II – Chair, Lang Tong
10:30am Vijay Gupta (Notre Dame) A Flexibility Market-based Approach to Increase Penetration of Renewables
10:55am Anuradha Annaswamy (MIT) A Retail Market Mechanism Based on a Distributed Optimization Approach
11:20am Kenji Hirata (Univ of Toyoma) An Iterative Bidding Process of Multiple Consumers/suppliers in Energy Trading Markets and Social Welfare Maximization
11:45am Summary of Session II
12:00pm Box Lunch & Informal Discussions
12:50pm Campus Tour
Session III – Chair, Subhonmesh Bose
2:00pm Lang Tong (Cornell) Distributed Energy Resources in Distribution Systems: Regulatory and Engineering Challenges
2:25pm Eiji Sawada (Kyushu Sangyo University) Dynamic Pricing and Consumers’ Adaptive Behavior: Energy Demand-supply Balance When Consumers Change Their Lifestyles in the Long-run
2:50pm Yusuke Okajima (Joetsu University of Education) A Study on Performance Indices in Model Predictive Control for Real-time Pricing with Renewable Energies
3:15pm Summary of Session III
3:30pm Coffee Break & Informal Discussions
Session IV – Chair, Kenji Hirata
4:00pm Marija Ilic (CMU / MIT) Enabling Prosumer-centric Transactive Energy Management
4:25pm Toru Namerikawa (Keio University) Passivity-Short-based Plug and Play Operation of Dynamic Electricity Pricing with Power Flow
4:50pm Takeshi Hatanaka (Osaka University) Cyber-Physical Building Energy Management and Campus EMS Simulator Development
5:15pm Summary of Session IV
5:30pm Wrap-Up

Sponsored by JST-CREST, ND Energy, and the Department of Electrical Engineering

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