The Three R's of Electronics Recycling


Location: Wiekamp Hall, Rm 101, IUSB campus

Jim Grandholm, Green Earth Electronics; St. Joseph, MI

Electronic waste is challenging to manage because it is the fastest growing segment of refuse in the world. Learn how Green Earth Electronics, located in St. Joseph, Michigan, services the tri-state area of Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois by finding ways to re-use, refurbish, and recycle unwanted electronics. Learn how unwanted electronics are processed as they strive to meet a zero landfill objective, run a profitable business, addresses environmental concerns, and help residents, schools, and businesses properly dispose of their items.​

Jim Grandholm is founder and President of Green Earth Electronics Recycling and Lake Michigan Asset Solutions. Green Earth's primary focus is on the recovery of unwanted computer and IT assets for the purpose of 1) recovery for reuse, 2) recovery for parts, and 3) dismantling for proper recycling. Green Earth has been able to divert millions of pounds of electronics that would have traditionally gone to the landfill into either a reuse stream or recycling stream. Jim is actively involved in both the recycling and sustainability movements and participates on a number of boards and committees. 

Part of IUSB's Sustainability and Innovation Lecture Series 2017