The Built Environment: Flourishing Communities Discussion Series


Location: Eck Center

This session examines the extent to which policy and law have supported the flourishing of low-income under-served families since the passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968 with a specific emphasis on the west side of South Bend. Of interest is the following question: do families and their children have access to safe spaces, including well equipped lit parks, the means to create social ties and a strong sense of community, and material resources that support their well-being, including access to healthcare, quality education, bookstores, pre-school programs, healthy food, and the like? 

The aim of the talks is to increase campus awareness about issues in education that affect the local community and how we can get involved, whether you’re interested in health, economics, public education, sociology, environmental science, or architecture. 

*Originally published by Flourishing Communities: A Discussion Series