A Notre Dame Conversation on Sustainability


Location: Geddes Hall Coffee House

This September, Father Jenkins approved the University’s new Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy, calling it “ambitious … yet realistic.” Some people agree that it is both, and some argue that it is neither. Everyone seems to believe that “sustainability” is important – but it’s less clear which dimensions of it are most important and which actions will best promote it.

This event brings together four people with special perspectives on sustainability, and on the university’s engagement with it, for a Notre Dame conversation. Please join us for an evening roundtable with contributions from Paul Kempf (University Utilities); John Sitter (Literature); Margie Pfeil (Theology); and Tessa Clarizio (GreeND). We’ll have food, drinks, and an invitation for everyone to “join in the conversation.” We hope that you’ll be a part of it! 

 *Please bring your reusable mugs and water bottles so that we can avoid as much waste as possible! 

*Originally posted by the John J. Reilly Center