Film Screening: Tambien la Lluvia (Bolivian Water Wars 2000)


Location: Andrews Auditorium, Geddes Hall

Join us for a screening of Tambien la Lluvia with commentary provided by Prof. Joshua Lund, Romance Languages and Literatures

Martin Murillo, Ph.D., ND Global Adapatation Index.  (ND-GAIN)

A Spanish film crew helmed by idealistic director Sebastian (Gael García Bernal) and his cynical producer Costa (Luis Tosar) come to Bolivia to make a revisionist epic about the conquest of Latin America - on the cheap. Carlos Aduviri is dynamic as “Daniel,” a local cast as a 16th century native in the film within a film. When the make-up and loin cloth come off, Daniel sails into action protesting his community’s deprivation of water at the hands of multi-national corporations.