Chris Connolly

Chris is a junior from Woburn, MA studying environmental science.  His interest in sustainability began at a young age, stemming from his love of nature and animals.  He hopes to improve recycling and waste management on campus as well as general climate change awareness.  He's also interested in politics and economics and the interactions between the three subjects.  Outside of the office, Chris enjoys being in the outdoors, whether that be through hiking, skiing, surfing, or running.  He also plays frisbee and soccer.

Abby Eifert

Abby is a sophomore from Dayton, Ohio majoring in mechanical engineering. She first became interested in sustainability when she learned about the dangers of climate change in her high school sciences courses. Since then, she has garnered the reputation of an avid recycler and works every day to minimize her carbon footprint. At Notre Dame, Abby hopes to increase student awareness of the sustainability movement and to work on providing opportunities for the Notre Dame community to become more carbon neutral. In the future, she hopes to research sustainable packaging techniques for shipping companies and product manufacturers. Outside of the Office of Sustainability, Abby is the social/service event commissioner for Notre Dame’s club soccer team and is also a member of Engineers Without Borders. She is very involved within the Lyon’s Hall community and enjoys playing on various intramural teams throughout the year. Her hobbies include playing cards, going to Taco Bell, singing off-key, and RipStiking around campus with her friends.

Kevin Hottinger

Kevin grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, where the frigid and snowy winters of his youth conditioned him to live with a certain amount of climate-related hardship. In what could be described as a Stockholm syndrome-like affliction, Kevin grew to love the coldest months and is now in his third year of studying chemical engineering with a dream of bringing about the demise of carbon-emitting energy sources so that he and the polar bears can continue to enjoy the winter wonderlands they call home.

Dane Jeong

Dane Jeong is a junior from Noblesville, Indiana studying Environmental Engineering. His interest in sustainability stemmed from going to nature camps as a child where he spent much of his time outdoors. He is the president of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers and is involved with the Student International Business Council. His hobbies include playing basketball, watching movies, and playing board games.

Matthew Magiera

Matthew is a sophomore from Rochester, NY studying chemical engineering. His interest in sustainability stems from a respect for the environment and a love for the great outdoors. He is mainly interested in the green effects of technology, from innovative new materials to alternative energy, and everything in-between. He has expanded on these interests by interning as a solar installer at the nonprofit GRID Alternatives in summer 2017, and by continuing to be a part of the Student Energy Board. Outside of the office, he enjoys hiking, exercising, listening to music, and any combination of the three.

Lindsey Meyers

Lindsey is a junior from Fairfield, Connecticut studying industrial design and visual communications design. One of the reasons she decided to attend the University of Notre Dame is due to the overall mission of the university. She admires that the design department here at Notre Dame emphasizes the importance of designing in order to make the world a better place and encourages students to use their creativity towards positively impacting society. As a design intern, she hopes to create eye-catching, easy-to-understand, informational graphics to spread awareness about complex environmental issues to people on campus. In addition to working in the Office of Sustainability, Lindsey is a member of The Shirt Committee, a member of Design For America, and a volunteer at various organizations in South Bend. Lindsey’s idea of a perfect day would be hanging out on one of Notre Dame’s beautiful quads, listening to music and throwing a football with all of her closest friends.

Emily Okupski

Emily Okupski is a senior studying history and business economics. She is from New Jersey, where her interest in nature was piqued by working with local agriculture. She became actively involved after living in a farming community in West Virginia with a focus on sustainability,  Within the office, she works with purchasing to implement more sustainable practices in the University's supply chain. Emily plays on the women's rugby team and runs a carpentry club at a local middle school. In her free time, you can probably find her either running or exploring South Bend. 

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