Isabel Cabezas

Isabel Cabezas is a senior studying art history and anthropology. Though she is from Bethesda, Maryland, her interest in the environment grew from witnessing all types of landscapes – from beaches to mountains and deserts to glaciers – while visiting family in Chile. After taking a trip to Costa Rica to study sustainable agriculture, Isabel has concerns about the integrity of our food system. She is also interested in conservation and material waste reduction. Down the road, Isabel would like to pursue urban and environmental planning. Additionally, Isabel sits on the fundraising committee of the 2017 Class Council and helps to lead the second violins in the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra.

Chris Connolly

Chris is a junior from Woburn, MA studying Environmental Science.  His interest in sustainability grew from his love of nature and animals as a child.  He hopes to improve recycling on campus, as well as general awareness of climate change.  He's also interested in food waste and alternative energy sources.  Outside of the office, Chris enjoys playing soccer and frisbee, as well as running and listening to music.

Kirsten Hoffman

Kirsten is a senior from Granger, Indiana studying marketing and sustainability. Her interest in sustainability was sparked by her summers spent at Lake Michigan as a child. Seeing a place that she holds near and dear to her heart experience changes due to human activity inspired her to get involved. This interest was heightened after spending a semester in Santiago, Chile and experiencing a range of landscapes from deserts to glaciers. She believes that environmentally sustainable practices are essential in order to preserve these places for future generations to enjoy. Her hope as a sustainability intern is to educate students and faculty of the university about how to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Outside of the office Kirsten enjoys biking and spending time with her friends. 

Meagan Hughes

Meagan is a senior from Lake Zurich, Illinois double majoring in environmental sciences and visual communication design. She has been fascinated by nature and alarmed by environmental issues since she was very young. She continued this interest by pursuing biology and other science classes throughout high school and college. At Notre Dame, she is particularly interested in fossil fuel divestment and sustainable sourcing of dining options on campus. As a design intern, she hopes to spread awareness about complex environmental issues by creating appealing, easy-to-understand graphics for a wide audience. Meagan is also on the Snite Museum of Art Student Advisory Group, Student Union Board, and The Shirt Committee. Outside of the office, she enjoys listening to good music, running, analyzing carbon sediment samples, and procrastinating homework via cooking.

Sarah Jen

Sarah is a senior from Westchester, NY studying Finance and Energy Studies. She became interested in sustainability as a kid, spending a lot of time outdoors and learning about energy efficiency home renovations from her dad. In particular, she is interested in learning how she can implement her business skills to increase energy efficiency within corporations. She hopes to spread awareness of environmental issues and implement campus-wide programs to reduce waste and carbon emissions through the Office of Sustainability. Outside of the office, she enjoys participating in Students International Business Council, volunteering at the Monroe Park Co-op and spending time with her friends. 

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