This is not an exhaustive list of the South Bend region’s sustainability resources, but it will get you started.

Urban Garden Market The Urban Garden Market provides South Bend’s west side community with a place to buy fresh produce direct from producers in a friendly, open-air environment

Purple Porch Co-op is a member-owned cooperative enterprise in South Bend committed to growing a local, sustainable economy through the purchase of locally produced foods. We aim to connect people in Michiana who want to buy local, organic and/or fair trade food with local growers who produce that food.

Unity Gardens Initiated in the South Bend area with a goal of community building through a framework of Gardens. The gardens not only provide healthy food for anyone, but also educate the community on how to grow, and eat healthy food.

South Bend Farmers’ Market Established in 1924, this South Bend staple offers up some of the best produce in the area.

Food Bank of Northern Indiana Since 1993, the Food Bank of Northern Indiana has been feeding the hungry in the six counties it serves.

Green Drinks What started with a handful of people meeting for a drink has grown into 30-50 people getting together each month for drinks with friends and a chance to learn about what’s happening in our community.

Niles Community Gardens Helping people in Niles produce their own vegetables and fruits while learning how to exist more sustainably in Southwest Michigan.

The Center for a Sustainable Future is taking the lead role in further turning IU South Bend into the ideal green campus: one that has turned itself into a learning organization in which every person on campus understands the basic principles of sustainability and are putting them into practice one step at a time.

Junk Evolution In this throw away society they decided to go Green and use items that may be past their prime or no longer used in their original form, and bring them back to life better then before.

Just Goods is the area’s only green retail store featuring clothes, housewares, jewelry, and gifts.

Municipal Energy Department The Energy Office seeks to make a positive impact on energy consumption and usage throughout South Bend and focuses on several key components including:Renewable Energy, Building Efficiency, Transportation Efficiency and Innovation, Municipal Regulation, Recycling and Waste Management,

Organic Resources Mulch and Compost are available free of charge if you load it yourself. These items can be loaded for you for a small loading fee.

Community Recycling Information Need to recycle something and you aren’t sure how or where to do it? This page provides information on many of the most troublesome recyclables and where you can take them.

The Natural Step is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, advisory work and research in sustainable development.

ShoLo is a collaborative effort between locally-owned, independent businesses, service providers, and consumers to build and revitalize a thriving local economy. Through education and advocacy, businesses and consumers become aware of the value of local spending and create cooperative partnerships to promote programs that encourage patronage and support of the local business community.

Michiana Green Pages is your one stop shop for green businesses ranging from art to transportation.