Research Centers

Lab research

Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

Conducts research and education programs in energy efficiency; safe nuclear waste storage; clean coal utilization; CO2 separation, storage, sequestration and use; solar and other renewable energy; and the social, political, and ethical aspects of energy policy and use.

Center for Environmental Science and Technology

A cooperative effort between Notre Dame’s Colleges of Science and Engineering, fostering interdisciplinary environmental research and education by providing cutting-edge analytical technologies needed to address complex environmental problems.

Environmental Research Center

Furthers research and education in environmental studies by focusing activities on high environmental quality locations that serve as “natural” laboratories for the study of environmental systems. These sites have experienced little or no degradation from humans and function as a baseline for comparison with human disturbed systems.

The Center for Building Communities

The Center for Building Communities aims to address problems such as the lack of affordable housing, suburban sprawl, and the looming energy and environmental crises by generating ideas and examples for the construction and real estate industries.

Center for Environmental Justice and Children’s Health

A multi-disciplinary group of Notre Dame faculty, students, and friends dedicated to addressing environmental injustice by performing risk assessments and environmental-impact analyses in poor, minority, or other vulnerable communities and helping to educate and empower potential victims of environmental injustice.


GLOBES brings together biologists, environmental and social scientists, public policy experts, lawyers, and religious and community leaders to seek innovative and interdisciplinary solutions to a wide range of interrelated problems in environmental and human health.

Environmental Change Initiative

The Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative’s research tackles the interrelated problems of invasive species, land use, and climate change—focusing on their synergistic impacts on water resources. ND-ECI provides new intellectual capital and infrastructure for interdisciplinary teams of faculty to help solve complex environmental problems identified as “Grand Challenges” by the National Academy of Sciences.

Here is a comprehensive list of faculty involved in sustainability research on campus.