Sustainable Laboratory Practices at Notre Dame

The greeNDiscovery program reduces Notre Dame’s carbon footprint by promoting energy efficiency in research laboratories. Benefits for participating labs include:

Over 100 research labs have participated in greeNDiscovery so far. As a result, tens of thousands of dollars worth of energy have been saved and hundreds of thousands of pounds of CO2 have been avoided. In addition, dozens of labs have received new, high-efficiency appliances free of charge. Email us today to sign up!

oven_conversion fume_hood galvin_fridge

The greeNDiscovery assessment has 4 steps:

1. Informational meeting and walk-through

• greeNDiscovery staff will ask lab representative basic information about lab operations, safety concerns, and ongoing experiments.
• greeNDiscovery staff will collect information about the number and type of major appliances, computers, printers, and fume hoods.
Time commitment for lab representative: ~30 minutes

2. Approval of recommended metering and preventative maintenance

• greeNDiscovery staff will present a list of appliances they would like to meter and preventative maintenance they would like to suggest.
• Recommendations will also include preferred computer/printer settings and any equipment upgrades.
• PI will sign off on approved recommendations; lab representative will arrange convenient times for them to be completed.
Time commitment for PI & lab representative: ~15 minutes

3. Metering and preventative maintenance

• greeNDiscovery staff will meter approved appliances for 2-3 days
Time commitment for lab representative: ~15 minutes

4. Summary and recommendations for the future

• greeNDiscovery staff will present the results of their analysis and their recommendations for ongoing lab operations and maintenance.
• greeNDiscovery completion posters will be sent to the lab and any recommendation(s) the lab wishes to pursue will be processed by our office.
Time commitment for lab PI & staff: ~15 minutes

Safety: Each greeNDiscovery assessment will be carried out by the Office of Sustainability professional staff and a student intern. All greeNDiscovery staff members have been trained in lab safety by Risk Management & Safety and have experience working in research laboratories. They will be dressed appropriately and have their own lab coats, safety glasses, and gloves.

How to participate: Each PI who wishes to participate will appoint a representative to be the primary point of contact with the greeNDiscovery team. The representative can be a lab manager, graduate student, researcher, or post-doc. To sign up or request more information, please contact our office at 631-2748.

Resources: The greeNDiscovery program was developed in consultation with Laboratories for the 21st Century and the sustainable laboratory programs at UC Santa Barbara and Harvard University.

Downloads: greeNDiscovery Program Description


Laboratories for the 21st Century

UC Santa Barbara LabRATS

Harvard Green Labs

MIT Green Chemicals Wizard

Green Chemistry at the University of Oregon

Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale

Participating Labs

Adult Development and Aging Lab

Archie Lab         Ashfeld Lab

Baker Lab          Belovsky Lab

Bernstein Lab       Besansky Lab

Biochemistry Teaching Lab

Bioinformatics Lab

Boyd Lab           Brennecke Lab

Burns Lab

Center for Advanced Measurement of Personality & Psychopathology

Center for Environmental Science & Technology

Champion Lab         Chang Lab

Chem. Principles Teaching Lab

Clark Lab            Dovichi Lab

Collins Lab        Duffield Lab

Dept. of Art, Art History & Design

DYNAMO Lab    Duman Lab

Emotion & Stress Physiology Lab

Environmental Fluid Dynamics Lab

Experimental Geochemistry and Geomicrobiology Lab

Ferdig Lab        FlowPAC

Freimann Life Science Center

Genomics Core Facility         

Goodenough-Lashua Lab

Goodson Lab          Haldar Lab

Hartland Lab      Hellmann Lab

Helquist Lab       Henderson Lab

Hicks Lab            Hollocher Lab

Hoffman Lab

Huber Lab            Hummon Lab

Hyde Lab             Jones Lab

Jena Lab            Kamat Lab

Kandel Lab            Kuno Lab

Kerr Lab           Kurama Lab

Krylova Lab

Lamberti Lab            Lee Lab

Li Lab           Lieberman Lab

Lodge Lab       Manning Lab

McDowell Lab       Miller Lab

McLachlan Lab Mobashery Lab

Mobile Sensing Systems Lab

Morales Lab      Neal Lab

Multidisciplinary Research Building

Na Lab

Nerenberg Lab         Nowak Lab

Oliver Lab         O’Tousa Lab

Peng Lab         Peterson Lab

Pfrender Lab

Ravosa Lab         Saddawi Lab

Reyniers Lab

Romero-Severson Lab

Schulz Lab        Scheidt Lab

Schmiedeler Lab    Schultz Lab

Schneider Research Group

SEI Materials Characterization

Serianni Lab         Sevov Lab

Severson Lab         Schafer Lab

Schorey Lab         Simonetti Lab

Small Scale Transport Research Lab

Smith Lab             Tan Lab

SPQR Memory Lab

Tank Lab

Tao Lab                Taylor Lab

Timp Lab             Zajicek Lab

W.A.T.E.R. Lab

W. M. Keck Center  Wiest Lab

Wietstock Lab         Wingert Lab

Xing Lab