Time to Kill-a-Watt

September 20, 2012

Students across campus are gearing up for the first Dorm Energy Competition of the year, and the stakes have never been higher. The winner of the Kill-a-Watt Competition, which started Sunday and continues for a week, will be treated to a chalk-talk with Coach Jeff Jackson of ND Men’s Hockey for the entire dorm plus $1,500 in GE Energy Star appliances.

The competition coincides with this year’s Energy Week and utilize Notre Dame’s user-friendly energy dashboard, enabling students to view, compare, and share building energy use information in real time on the web. The dashboard engages students not just by providing real-time data, but also by giving them a social media-based forum to commit to energy-saving behaviors and share winning strategies.

“The Kill-A-Watt competition is only a week, but the long-term potential is huge,” said Christian Nofziger ‘15. “Habits made during that week can develop into lifestyle changes that over time can make a huge impact.”

Energy Week is sponsored each year by the Center for Sustainability Energy (cSEND), and features a calendar packed with energy-related expos, speakers, and career dinners. This year’s Energy Week, which runs from September 23rd-29th, has expanded to include a Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for South Bend’s new hydroelectric turbine and a Community Energy Day tour of sustainable sites around South Bend.

The winner of the Kill-a-Watt Competition is the dorm that reduces its energy consumption by the greatest percent from its baseline of a typical week’s energy use. The Office of Sustainability thanks ND Men’s Hockey and GE for their generous support of this competition.

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