College of Science Energy Challenge

In February 2009 the College of Science challenged the Main Building to a year-long energy conservation contest. The College competed for the glory of achieving a greater percentage energy reduction than the Dome. Half of all the College’s electricity savings will go towards funding energy related undergraduate research projects.

After one year of implementing energy saving measures, both the Main Building and the College of Science achieved reductions in energy usage. In the end, the Main Building was victorious in attaining 11.9% total energy savings over the College of Science 4.3%. See the menu items on the right for information on continuing top energy saving strategies.


Energy Challenge News

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Top Energy Saving Strategies

Close the Fume Hood: It’s like taking three cars off the road.

Turn off Equipment: How often do you really use that weird machine in the corner?

Set Computers to Sleep Automatically: Instructions specific for your Operating System

Turn off the Lights: Your lab has more bulbs than your entire house.

Report Thermostat Problems: Call 631-6594

Energy Challenge FAQs

Energy Challenge Baseline

Previous Months’ Performance